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Tourism in Ponnani

Ponnani is a significant port city of Kerala. This city in Mallapuram district of the state is visited by a large number of tourists for its serene destinations including religious places and natural attractions. It is located on the mouth of River Bharathpuzzha. This location of Ponnani along with several other prominent places of religious tourism makes this city worth visiting whenever you are in the state of Kerala. It showcases the traditional lifestyle of this state along with the history of this region. In short, there is lot to explore in the city of Ponnani whenever you happen to be in this region.

Beautiful Locations to Watch at Ponnani

Tourist Attractions of Ponnani

Here are the details of the prominent places to visit in Ponnani. You must explore these places when you come to this city.

Biyyam Kayal

Lake Biyyam is one of the prime attractions of Ponnani tourism. People in large numbers visit this lake during Onam festival. Biyyam Lake is the venue for adventurous boat race organized at the time of this festival. Locals and tourists arrive here to see the enthusiastic participation of people. Apart from this phase, it is very good location for watching natural scenes. Hanging bridge is also attractive place to watch here at Ponnani.

Ponnani Valiya Pally

It is beautiful mosque built way back in the year 1518 AD by the Sheikh Zainudin Makhdum. It was one of the first mosques in this region and referred as Mecca of East in the past. Though, it was partially damaged by Portuguese, it is now standing tall reflecting the aura of this place. People come here in large numbers for devotion at Ponnani Valiya Pally. It is wonderful to watch beautiful wooden craftsmanship on the exteriors and interiors of this structure. At night, it glows marvelously with systematic lighting effects.

Human Ath Mosque in Ponnani

It is one of the biggest mosques found among the 50 shrines located in Ponnani. Raised during the 16th century, this mosque was constructed by Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdoom. Followers of Islam visit this place prominently when they are around Ponnani.

Bharathpuzha River in Ponnani

Migrant Birds Arriving at Bharathpuzha River

Bharathpuzha River is a finest attractions found in the city of Ponnani. The mouth of river is located in this city offering beautiful sights. The serene of river Bharathpuzha looks more attractive during monsoon season. Foreign birds come on large numbers at the banks of river Nila (another name of Bharathpuzha) attracting more travelers from other parts.

Ponnani Beach in Ponnani

Ponnani Beach is one of the divine beauty destinations located in the city of Ponnani. It is one of the longest beaches in this part offering majestic views. Though it is not appropriate for boating, but people find it quite interesting for spending peaceful time in tranquility. Even, valuable items that usually emerge from oceans are sold at cheap rates here.

Thrikkavu Temple in Ponnani

It is the most astonishing religious place found in the region of Ponnani. Thrikkavu Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The name of temple is derived from Thrikkani Kaadu and it on one among the 108 Bhagawathy temples created by Lord Parushurama in Kerala. The deity installed in temple is Sarvabeeshtapradhayini, believed to be the manifestation of Goddess Durga, who full fills all wishes. Navaratri festival is celebrated at high note at this temple by the devotees. Temples of Lord Krishna, Hanuman, Ganpati, etc. found in the vicinity of Thikkavu temples are also worth to visit for significant religious importance.

Navamukunda Temple in Ponnani

Navamukunda temple is one of the well-known religious places for Hinduism. It is located on the shore of river Bharathpuzha in Ponnani. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. It has the idol of Navamukundan Vishnu which was installed by nine renowned saints, Navyogis. An interesting fact is attached to the existence of Navamukunda temple. First eight idols of the deity sunk in water and disappeared. This ninth was also about to plunge in water but due to chanting of mantras, it stopped. Devotees arrive in this temple for Pithru Tharpanam, which is a ritual custom performed on the day of Amavasya.

Purathu-Padinjarekkara Azhimukham Beach in Ponnani

One of the natural beauties, Purathu Padinjarekkara beach is a wonderful attraction located on the mouth of river Thirur. It gives magical view of beach and the sand which change colors with the change in shade of the sky. Every time its offers different view. This long beach is occupied with rocks and sand all through with many trees along the way.

Ponnani Light House

Never miss a visit to Light House located in Ponnani. Constructed during the year 1937, it is a magnificent structure to visit for anxious people. It is such an important port and fishing area that light house was incepted here for the sailors. Beautiful architecture and panoramic view of Arabian Sea from light house is wonderful to watch.

Thottungal Masjid in Ponnani

Well known as Thottungal Pally, it is one of the ancient mosques located in the city of Ponnani. It was found by Sheikh Fariduddin well before 300 years ago. The interesting thing is that, this mosque is not identical as many masjids with dome and minarets. Rather, it has clay tiles and pitched roof. Many people come to see the architecture of Thottungal Masjid in Ponnani.

Ponnani Juma Masjid

Wonderful Structure of Ponnani Juma Masjid

Juma Masjid in Ponnani is one of the prominent locations to visit in Ponnani tourism. Constructed in 1510 AD, it was initiated by Zainudhin Makhdum, the spiritual leader.  It is wonderfully found with unique architecture and designing which allures lots of travelers.

Accommodations in Ponnani

Ponnani is a well known tourist center and trading hub in this part. Hence, flow of travelers is quite high in this city. To accommodate such huge numbers of travelers, the city is well equipped with hotels, resorts, and other lodging facilities. People can choose according to their suitability and luxury required for comfortable living. Resorts available in city are mostly located on serene places offering mesmerizing ambiance and green atmosphere. Hotels in Ponnani are plunged with high quality facilities and amenities that satisfy every elite tourist. Guest house or lodges are best for people who require budget accommodations in Ponnani.

List of Accommodations in Ponnani

Ayurgreen Health Village
Address: State Highway 69, Edappal, Ponnani,
Malappuram District, Kerala 679 576

Kunnathur Mana
Address: Punnayurkulam, Thrissur, Ponnani,
Kerala 679 561
Phone No: 0487 254 7552

Star Lodge
Address: Malappuram, Ponnani, Kerala
State 679 577

Travel Agents in Ponnani

In the city of Ponnani, there are many attractions to explore. It is not easy to explore them all without the expertise of travel agents who not only arrange for your sightseeing but also for your comfortable staying. You can contact these travel agents of Ponnani to plan a trip to any other part of the county as well. They have all the requisite information for your help and support. From hotel bookings to flight tickets, they can help in arranging and planning your trip in the best possible manner.

List of Travel Agents in Ponnani

Here is the complete list of all the travel agents present in the city of Ponnani.

Akbar Travels Online.Com
Address: Benzy Complex, Near Indian Oil Petrol
Pump, Ponnani, Malappuram - 679 577
Mobile No: + (91) - 93878 87950

Benzy Travels
Address: Chandappadi, Petrol Pump Compound, Ponnani, Malappuram - 679 577
Mobile No: + (91) - 93497 74782

Burhan Associates
Address: 10/ 254, Opp. Ponani One Way Road, Ponnani, Malappuram - 679 577
Mobile No: + (91) - 99470 70786

How to Reach Ponnani

Ponnani is well placed on the Malabar coastal region of Kerala. It is easy to approach through all means of transport. Culicut serves as the best option to get in from any part of world. It is an international airport that connects Ponnani with all other regions. It is mere 26 km from Ponnani and easy to trace via taxi or cabs.

Reaching by train is convenient through Tirur Railway Station located at the distance of 18 km. It is a suitable rail head to reach Ponnani while coming from north and central part of India. Puducherry- Mangalore Exp, Trivandrum Mangalore Exp, Poonran Exp, Bikaner Kochiveli Exp, Bhavnagar Kochuveli Exp, Okha Ernakulam Exp, West coast SF Exp, Marusagar Exp, Kochuveli Mumbai Exp, etc. are the main trains halting at Tirur. While arriving from southern part, Guruvayur is appropriate railway station to approach. It is just 22 km away from Ponnani.

KSRTC buses are available from major nearby cities of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka to reach Ponnani. Beautifully decorated Volvo and other comfortable buses operated by private operators are also available for transport in Kerala. Ponnani is well connected through these buses as well. Taxis and cabs are also offered from adjoining cities to reach Ponnani.

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